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Lighting Transformers

Lighting transformers are protective devices for power supply circuits. They have a shielded high withstand insulation transformer. Lighting transformers are designed to supply power to lighting equipment in an industrial or domestic or commercial unit. The primary supply is connected to a higher voltage source. The secondary source is connected to the load. By installing the lighting transformer, you create isolation between the primary and secondary sources. It restricts high voltage spikes and EMP coming with the raw incoming power source. It also restricts short circuit current in the load and by that, you save major accidents. Transcare is one of the leading names in the field of lighting transformers and other equipment of high quality and precision.

Lighting Transformer Applications

Lighting transformers are used in a variety of different applications, not just for brightening and dimming lights. Essentially, because they do allow the voltage across a line to be varied, they can used for any number of applications where voltage does have to be changed a bit to accommodate various devices.

For example, lighting transformers are sometimes used on small electric motors to provide a way to speed up or slow down the motor, as needed. Lighting transformers are quite often used in households, however, to do exactly what the name implies and provide variable lighting from the same light fixtures.