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Lighting Transformers

We are instrumental in supplying the finest grade of Vibrator Coils that combine two magnetic devices on the same iron-cored solenoid. These coils are designed to be operated on AC current. The coils are capable of standing heavy loads, current overload, and other detriments, which are responsible for their longevity and reliable performance Vibrator Coils are easy to use and maintain. They do not degrade in quality or become inferior for years. We supply the coils in a preventative packaging that keeps the coils protected against jerks and jolts during transportation. 

Lighting Transformer Applications

Lighting transformers are used in a variety of different applications, not just for brightening and dimming lights. Essentially, because they do allow the voltage across a line to be varied, they can used for any number of applications where voltage does have to be changed a bit to accommodate various devices.

For example, lighting transformers are sometimes used on small electric motors to provide a way to speed up or slow down the motor, as needed. Lighting transformers are quite often used in households, however, to do exactly what the name implies and provide variable lighting from the same light fixtures.