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Isolation Transformers

When you want to isolate your sensitive equipment from DC leakage, spikes, or line voltage transients, you need superior-quality isolation transformers. They are specially designed for critical sensitive equipment like computers and peripherals, delicate digital communication telemetry system, CNC machines, and medical equipment. World-class isolation transformers made by Transcare are useful for stopping such disturbances generated by the noisy equipment load getting injected into the power line. 

Technically, any transformer that doesn’t have any direct current path between the primary and the secondary winding offers isolation. Those transformers are also called isolation power transformers, which are made for converting the input voltage to a more useful level. They don’t do anything to attenuate the passage of noise. Though both types of transformers are separately wound transformers, they are very different in construction, performance characteristics, and specification. In shielded transformers, different low impedance paths exit for noise to pass to the secondary and vice versa. They are high voltage of coupling capacitance, maximum linkage of the magnetic field, leakage current, and static transfer of electric noise. In a typical isolation transformer, the voltage range is 1VA to 300KVA single phase and three phases. They work within 5 percent regulation with an insulation resistance of 500 Mili Ohms. Transcare is one of the most reckoned isolation transformer manufacturers in India. Over the years we have supplied our isolation transformers across India including Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Pune, New Delhi, Surat, Rajkot, Faridabad etc. Our product range is always appreciated for its outstanding quality.

In shielded transformer, Four Low impedance path exists for noises to pass to secondary & vise versa.

– The High Value of Coupling Capacitance.
– The Maximum Linkage of magnetic Field.
– The Leakage Current.
– Static transfer of Electric Noises.

Following are the technical specifications of our product range:

  • Range: 1VA to 300 KVA Single Phase,  3 Phase
  • Regulations: Within 5%
  • Insulation resistance: 500 MΩ
  • Breakdown voltage: 3 KV

Capacity : 1 VA – 50 KVA (Single Phase)
                   50 VA – 250 KVA (Three Phase)

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